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Early C Permit process 2020
In Early C Permit
Satyam Garg
Jan 28, 2021
Following information could be useful to people who are in Switzerland primarily employed by major IT giants like TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, etc. Most of the Indian IT companies follow the process of sending the resources from India to Switzerland on Deputation Model with a closed permit. L permit for first 2 years and B permit for the next 4 years. At the moment as per the SSA (Swiss Social Agreement) between the 2 countries, this permit can be kept closed only for 72 months. However, while you are having a closed B permit, you cannot apply for an early C permit despite having all the other qualifications like B1 level in French, no criminal records, integration and uninterrupted stay in Switzerland for 5 years. To become eligible to apply for an early C permit, you need to have a durable Permit which means an Open B permit that is generally given once you have an unlimited work contract. So most IT companies give you an unlimited contract after completing 72 months (2years on L + 4years on B). After you get an unlimited contract in your 7th year in Switzerland, you would still have to wait for 1 year before you become eligible for applying for an early C permit (Permis C anticipe). So to cut the long story short, those who arrive in Switzerland with an unlimited contract from Day1 can apply for early C permit after 5 years provided they satisfy all other qualifications, but in case you happen to have a closed permit (tied to employer), you will have to wait for 1 year after getting an unlimited contract before you could apply for an early C permit which in most cases will be after you complete your 7 years (2 years on L and 5 years on B) in Switzerland. After that you can go to your commune and ask for an early C permit application. I hope this information helps to clear the dust around this topic especially among the IT crowd. Source of the info: Official communication with cantonal authorities of Vaud while seeking early C permit for myself. PS: This is my 6th year in Switzerland, I have B1 in French (DELF and FIDE both) and all other conditions are ok, except the non durable permit (closed B Permit)

Satyam Garg

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