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  • Can I participate in IAL Functions without being an IAL member?
    Yes, you can but you will not be entitled to any discounts or benefits which are available for regular members. Please check the benefits list of being a regualr member.
  • How do I become an IAL Member?
    You can become an IAL member by contacting us using the above form and paying the annual membership fees. Individual Membership Fees (Ages above 16 years) First time members pay 20 CHF of which 10 CHF is the registration fees and remaining 10 CHF is annual membership fees. Annual individual membership renewal fees is CHF. Family Membership Fees (2 Adults and 2 kids) First time family membership fees is 30 CHF of which 10 CHF is the registration fees and remaining 20 CHF is annual family membership fees. Annual family membership renewal fees is 20 CHF Please pay the applicable fee using following account details: IBAN (Account no.): CH46 0900 0000 1001 1030 2 Beneficiary: INDIAN ASSOCIATION LAUSANNE Clearing-no: 9000 Beneficiary's bank: POSTFINANCE AGMINGERSTRASSE 20, 3030 BERN Mention your full name in 'Reason for payment:' field.
  • How long is my membership Valid?
    Membership period is from Start of the year (1st Jan) till end of the year (31st Dec). You are requested to renew your membership each year by paying the renewal amount, to continue to avail the benefits of being an IAL member.
  • What are the benefits of becoming an IAL member?
    Free or discounted entry to all IAL events. Offers and dicounts from our partners. Regular updates about the events and activities of the association. Right to participate in the Annual General Meeting of the association.
  • Is there any other mode for paying the membership fees?
    We prefer that you pay the membership fees using bank transfer. We do accept fees in cash during our events but we recommend that you pay the fees via banks transfer at the begining of the year so as to avail the benefits for maximum period of time.
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