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Communication from your Team IAL 

Dated 13.02.2018

Dear IAL Community members,

Wish you all a very Happy Mahashivratri!!

We have some exciting updates to share with you:

1. We are happy to announce that the test version of IAL website is now available. Please visit and let us know your suggestions. We will try to incorporate as much as we can.

2. On the Holi event, our website will go live! The new Executive Committee will give a short presentation about the future road map and the 2018 Event Planner.

3. IAL's first event of the year 2018 (Holi Milan Samaroh) flyer is being released on Mahashivratri and our online ticketing system on website will go in test phase. We encourage you to use this feature of our website to book your tickets for the Holi event. A more detailed plan will be announced next.

4. We take this opportunity to invite your performances in various categories:

• Kids & Teenagers: variety performances

• Hasyaras Kavita: yours or well known poets (eg: Surendra Sharma, Kaka Hathrasi, Ashok Chakradhar)

• Standup Comedy themed- Bura na Mano Holi Hai

• Cultural showcase: Classical and Folk performances

5. If you have not received our email, please subscribe through our website to be on our mailing list.


We wholeheartedly request you to come forward and support your IAL with your ideas, views, suggestions and constructive criticism. The very purpose of coming together is to serve the community and provide a solid foundation for our future generations. However, all this would be possible only by active participation and volunteering from all of you. We humbly request for your support and blessings to make IAL a vibrant community that caters to the sociocultural needs of the Indian community living in Switzerland.


Feel free to write to us at to share your thoughts.

Indian Association Lausanne Executive Committee

Sanjeev Ganguly: EC Member

Esther Sardar: Treasurer

Sonal Pendharkar Kulkarni: General Secretary

Divyakshi Gupta Vyas: President

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